How To Get Electric Boda Boda - Through Loan

UNEP electric motorcycles
UNEP Electric Boda Boda Launch 

Electric Boda Bodas are faster,quieter and doesn't emit any poisonous smoke as compared to the noisy, smoke emitting petroleum powered engine motorcycles.

Kenya has proved to have an excess of about 1000MW  according to KPLC  data. This is a good source of power for electric boda bodas which make the majority of all smoke emitting machines in the country. 

Currently, there are no electric motorcycles available for use to the the public. The ones available have been provided by UNEP to help Nairobi University and other institutions of higher learning do a thorough research on the feasibility of the bodas in Kenya. 

These electric motorcycles are made by Shenzhen, China.

How To Own Electric Motorcycle Through Loan 

Now that an electric motorcycle is the best, how can one get it - most probably through a loan?

Currently, there are 3 Motorbike Lenders in kenya who can help people especially those in the rural areas - where motorcycles are commonly used -  to own boda bodas through loans.

When the research will be over and Kenya feels ready to allow the Electric motorcycles in the country,  I highly expect that the same criteria used to give boda boda financing now will be used.

In addition to the current three lenders who have specialised in motorbike financing, I peay that the number increases to make the loan facility even more affordable due to alot of competition. 



  1. I want that sport bodaboda by loan

  2. I want electric bodaboda on loan,


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