SoFi - Personal, Student Unsecured Loans, APR Charge, AutoPay Repayment and Contacts

Check the latest information about SoFi personal, student unsecured loans, home loans and student loan refinancing in the US

SoFi Unsecured Personal, Student Loans

  Social Finance (SoFi) Inc is a private lender licensed by the Department of  Financial Protection and Innovation under the  California Financial Law in the US to provide loans to eligible adults and students. 

Which States is  SoFi Not Available?

The loan services provided by this private lender are available in all States in the country except Vermont (VT) . Some services are limited in Ohio (OH).

SoFi Loans - Amounts, Interest Rates 

This lender provides unsecured loans ranging from $5000 being the minimum amount a borrower can ask for to $100,000 which is the maximum loan amount disbursed to the most qualified borrowers. 

The interest rate charged by SoFi is from APR 5.99% to 18.85% (AutoPay). The charges greatly vary depending on a variety of characteristics displayed by the borrower. Someone with a stable income stream can get a lower fee than someone with unpredictable income. 

How To Qualify For SoFi Loans

Before you get loans from this lender, you need to have the following qualities;

  • Be a US citizen ,Visa Holder, Permanent Resident 
  • Have a stable income
  • Be employed or joining employment within the coming 90 days
  • Have a Good Credit Score and History 

How To Use SoFi Loans 

With an amount above $5000 a borrower can do alot of positive changes in their lives. SoFi doesn't restrict any customer on how to spend the borrowed amount. 

Here though are some of  the recommended uses one can put SoFi loan money into;
  • Paying for medical bills
  • Pay for relocation expenses 
  • Pay for home renovations 
  • Credit Card Consolidation 

How to Apply For SoFi Loans

An adult or a student can apply for the loans via the SoFi website or download SoFi App ( on Google play store or on App Store) and apply.

Other SoFi Loans and Services 

In addition to the Personal unsecured loans, the lender also provides the following other financial services; 
  • Home Loans
  • Invest services 
  • Student Refinance Loans 

How To Repay SoFi Loans

Repayment of the loans is done within the SoFi website or App  from the customer's dashboard.

A customer can choose to use AutoPay. This way ,the customer will be able to get some discount on the loan amount. 

How To Contact SoFi

  • If you're looking for Money Support, Personal Loans Support,  Student Loans Refinancing and Private Student Loans support; Call (855) 456-SOFI 7634)
  • For Home Loan Support, call (844) 763-4466
  • For Invest Support, Call (855) 525-SOFI (7634)
  • Credit Card Support, Call (844) 945-SOFI (7634)

SoFi Office Locations 

SoFi has 3 offices located in different states. They include;
  • 234 1st Street
    San Francisco, CA 94105
  • 375 Healdsburg Avenue
    Suite 280
    Healdsburg, CA 95448
  • 860 Washington Street
    2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10014


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