How To Open Equity Bank Diaspora Account From The USA and Other Countries

Step by step process on how to open a diaspora account at Equity Bank from USA or other countries

Equity Bank Diaspora Accounts
Equity Bank Diaspora Accounts 

Equity Bank diaspora services enable Kenyans living abroad to manage their bank accounts back home with easy.

Kenyans in the US,UK ,Canada or any other country abroad can apply to open a diaspora Bank account back home at Equity Bank.

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Before proceeding, if you're living outside Kenya and would like to have an account with Equity, it is highly recommended you contact the banks Diaspora Services Department via the following email address for assistance or clarifications;

Equity Bank Diaspora Bank Accounts

At this Bank, there are two types of diaspora accounts that someone outside the country can open;

  • Eazzysave Diaspora Account 
  • Diaspora Business Account 

Diaspora Account Application Process 

The process is the same for the two types of bank accounts. 
  • First you'll download the application forms
  • Fill in and sign the forms
  • Attach the required documents 
  • Send the forms and attached documents to email address
  • Send the Email indemnity form via Posta to the address below 

Diaspora Banking, Equity Bank Limited, 

Global Centre 4th Floor, Argwings Kodhek Road, Kilimani,

 PO Box 103098 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya 

Documents Required For Diaspora Business Account Opening 

  • Kenyan ID Cards or Passports for the business directors
  • Coloured passport size photos for all the directors
  • Tax PIN certificates for all the directors 
  • Business Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Business Memorandum of Association 
  • Business Articles of Association 
  • A sealed resolution signed by the directors on the letterhead 
  • Business Tax PIN certificate
  • CR1
  • CR2
  • CR8
  • CR12
  • FATCA W-9 forms and confidentiality waiver for Kenyans in the US

Documents Required For Eazzysave Diaspora Account 

This is just a personal account for those residing and working outside Kenya. The documents required include; 

Similar Advantages of the Equity Bank Diaspora Accounts 

  • No opening or minimum account balance required. 
  • No ledger fees.
  • Free monthly E-Statements 
  • Access to internet and mobile banking 


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