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MyKes app

MyKeS app is a fast and safe mobile money lender providing loans via M-Pesa account. 

What is Mykes

It is an android app which serves as a platform where borrowers can access safe online loans disbursed via applicant's mobile wallet - M-PESA.

MyKes Loans - Interest Rates ,Loan Limits

This micro lender provides loans ranging between kes 500 and kes 2000. MyKes loans are charged at a maximum interest rate of 18% per year or 0.05 % per day. 

Mykes loan USSD code 

Many other lenders have a USSD code but unfortunately Mykes loan app doesn't have the same. Maybe in future there lender will come up with a Mykes loan app USSD code.

How to Download Mykes App APK and Apply for Loans

To get loans from the lender, you must first Download MyKes App from Google play store and create your account. The app will give you a loan limit after which you can apply for the loan.

How to Pay Mykes Loans

The repayment period for loans from this lender is between 91 days being the shortest time and 365 days being the longest duration. 

When the date for repayment is due, a borrower can proceed to make a payment from within the app via M-Pesa Xpress without using a Mykes loan app paybill number. 

If you wish to pay via Mykes paybill number 4047921 you can follow the process below; 

  • Go to M-PESA menu
  • Select Lipa Na M-PESA
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter business number (Mykes paybill no. ) 4047921
  • Enter your phone number as account number
  • Enter loan amount
  • Enter MPesa PIN
  • Confirm and submit

MyKes loan app video

Here is the video version of MyKeS loan app details from our Loans vLog YouTube Channel for those who like videos; 

Mykes loan app contacts

How do I contact Mykes? MyKes office is located in Nairobi. These are the Contacts for MyKes loan app customer care;

Mykes Email address; 

Mykes loan app mobile phone number ; 0769767096 

Mykes other numbers; 020 7903180



  1. Mykes is the best loan app, you can download, they are fast and reliable and efficient.

    1. Actually its the worst loan app i dont recommend anyone to download it

    2. Can't recomend anybody.....

  2. Replies
    1. Wait until you are late for payment even by an hour and experience all the insults from those rude and primitive uncouthed customer service staff. I even wonder where they pick them for employment from...Korogocho or Koinange street?

  3. You cannot go wrong with mykes loan app.

  4. I paid your up to now haven't updated still calling me to pay again what's wrong

  5. I have not received any money in my count

    1. i have applied for a loan more than two hours ago, where is the money?????????

  6. Good morning and Happy New year. I am one of your clients. I have taken loans before and paid on time. Last week I took a loan of 6000 that was meant to be paid by yesterday. I couldn't pay it yesterday because the money I was expecting from my business delayed and I was to receive the money this evening of which I would have paid. One of your customer service ladies called me this morning at exactly 8.27 am on 0207903114 (see attached screenshot). She was very cool, professional, composed and well mannered. I explained to her my situation and we agreed that I will pay by evening. She told me that there will be a charge of about 260 of which I told her it's fine, I will pay. I thought I was done, but immediately after about an hour a different lady, totally mad and insane started calling me after every 5 minutes with insults and threats and commands behaving so primitive like a wild animal. I tried to explained to her that someone else had called earlier and we had agreed that I pay by end of the day but she said I was lying and that she was opening a whattsup account of all my friends and she ordered me to join that group and tell all my friends why I have "REFUSED" to pay my loan.
    Anyway, I was forced to run to a neighbor and borrow money to pay. My question is, If you have already charged me penalty for a day and I have agreed that I will pay, what was the point of sending someone so uncouthed and primitive to insult, threaten and harass me yet I've been late for just a few hours, not even a day??????
    This so so unprofessional and that lady will bring down your company if thats the type of uncouthed and primitive behavior she will be using.

    1. Exactly what happened to me its the worst loan app av ever used en i dont recomend anyone else using it

    2. …. ID phone number 07…..Has proved to be a RUTHLESS/CHRONIC UNREMORSEFUL FRAUDSTER who goes about COLLECTING MONEY from different COMPANIES. Currently on the run with 5 different company's money ksh ( 1780) .Be informed that he has been declared wanted please contact us if you have information about him as soon as possible.Because this person provided us with all your details if you are not aware of this loan you can as well call the person to delete your information in the app because soon his picture along side your own pictures will be posted on all social media in the next few hours #CREDIT RECOVERY AGENTS

      This is so unprofessional and wrong and they need to be sued for defamation. Why send this message when someone is late for one hour.

  7. Benard Kiplangat cheuiyot

  8. My loan application is still pending from yesterday even after logging out and logging in,your assistance please

  9. How can i get my loan

  10. I can see I have already have a loan how can I have it pliz

    1. When do I receive my cash

  11. You app is not working

  12. Your app not working

  13. I failed to because your app is not working

  14. The worst loan app,,guys please don't try, imagine ofcoz I know it the due date for paying and am working to make sure I pay,bt this crazy ladies calling me every five minutes, like what's thatπŸ™„πŸ™„,,,so a day passed and they added this fee to my loan and I was okay with it,as if that wasn't enough, they started calling my friends that if I don't pay they will come for me πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…,,

  15. This app is the worst with their employees rude you can think it's their oxygen you're breathing.The interest rate they're charging before issuing the loan is just a con in good name of digital lending.This loan app will get you phone calls every single minute until your phone is bad hit up.I regret ever taking a loan from them, don't dare and in fact let's report it on Google and give it zero stars ⭐✨⭐ if available.UNPROFESSIONAL THIEVES picked from either Githurai 45 Market or Korogocho!!

  16. I'm ;aunching a case against this company of someone taking a lone in my name and they remit to their numbers and finally start followig me up for payments. Tutapatana Court call me again and see or try list me in the CRB ndo mtajua


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