What to do when you Overpay Scoppe Loan

 Scoppe is a mobile money lender that gives fast loans through Mpesa to Kenyans with android smartphones and tablets. 

A very qualified customer can get up to ksh 50,000 from Scoppe. While the first loan is dependent on the borrower's credit score, most people get ksh 2000 on average. 

Scoppe loans are repaid after 30days through M-Pesa paybill number 519601 and your mobile phone number is the account number. 

But it can happen that while making a loan payment, you find that you've made an overpayment.

 What will happen if you Overpay Scoppe Loan?

Most loan apps will just use that amount to help clear your next loan. In addition to this ,Scoppe allows customers to ask for a reversal of the money to their Mpesa accounts which is commendable. 

Scoppe loan


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