How To Win Prizes With Tala Santa This Christmas


Tala's First Week Prize

Tala will be awarding a total of 18 winners this festive under a campaign dubbed Krisi Ya Mapema and with the hashtag #TalaSanta.

Starting from 16th November, Tala will run a weekly competition where winners will be awarded different prizes which will communicated via the Tala Facebook page each week.

The competition will end on December 11th which will be after 4 weeks when the last winners will be announced.

But how and who can participate and win the prizes from Tala?

Who Can Participate In Tala's Krisi Ya Mapema Competition 

  • You don't have to be a Tala customer to participate 
  • You must like Tala Facebook page
  • You must be 18 years and above 

How to Participate In Tala's  Krisi Ya Mapema  campaign 

  • You first like Tala Facebook page
  • Wait for a competition to be posted. 
  • Upload your comment (which is a video) with the hashtag #TalaSanta 
  • Ask your friends to +1 and like your video. 
The video with the most +1s win the weekly prize. 

Never participate more than once in a single competition. In this case your first comment (video upload) will be considered. 

If you happen to win a prize , never participate again. You'll be disqualified. 

Participants must not be employees, agents or close relatives to any of these.


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