How To Delete Zenka Loan App Account

Zenka loan app

Zenka is a fast mobile loans lender which is providing access to quick and affordable credit solutions to Kenyans via a mobile app.

This micro lender provide up to ksh 30,000 instantly as the maximum loan a qualified borrower can get via M-Pesa. 

Loan repayment can be done within a week, a month or even three months after asking for a repayment extension if a borrower cannot pay on due date. 

How To Delete A Zenka Loan Account 

These fast loans via Mpesa are very helpful to many borrowers. People have started operating small businesses because of this money. But what will make one want to terminate their interaction with Zenka?

  • Maybe Zenka is too expensive now
  • Maybe Zenka lowered the loan limit 
  • Maybe Zenka stopped lending to this particular person 
  • Maybe Zenka Blacklisted this borrower erroneously 
The list is long.

If you're in this situation and want to delete or deactivate your Zenka loan app account, then here is the process;
  1. Remember your account number (whichnis your mobile phone number)
  2. Contact Zenka via the following contacts below, asking for deletion of the account as you specified. 

Zenka Contacts To Use

  • Send Email to ;
  • Call Zenka number ; 020 7650878




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