What Happens When You Stick With Tala - The Benefits

 Tala, the most popular loan app have been and is still providing  fast loans to Kenyans through Mpesa via their android smartphones. 

This digital lender gives up to ksh 30,000 as the maximum loan limit to the most qualified applicants in just minutes. 

But what will happen if someone sticks with Tala for a long time? According to the lender,  someone who uses their services for long surely will benefit by getting larger loan amounts and will be charged lower fees - as low as 5%.

Tala loan app website
Tala website Screenshot 

I even went further to get a screenshot from the Tala Kenya website which describes what will happen if a borrower stays with Tala for long; 

At Tala,fair and transparent pricing is our promise to you. When you stick with Tala,your limits go up and your fees go down.

But again what does it mean sticking with Tala? This simply means, an active customer who takes loans regularly and repays on time. That is the kind of customer that will benefit from the promise Tala is making for customers who stick around. 

I don't expect easy lending decisions from the mobile money lender though due to;

  1. The Coronavirus pandemic - which have greatly affected the borrowers' capabilities to repay loans easily and on time.
  2. Being locked out of CRB services - whereby the lender is not permitted to blacklist defaulters with the CRB anymore 


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