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How to Get Loans And Make Money on Pesa Kit App

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Pesa Kit 

It is possible to make money and or get loans from Pesa Kit, a digital services provider for digital businesses. 

What is Pesa Kit

This is a mobile app platform where anyone can register and start delivering services to customers digitally. To start using the services, you must Download Pesa Kit app from play store. 

Pesa Kit Services 

This platform allows users to ;

  • Sell airtime- Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom and Faiba airtime 
  • Pay for KPLC tokens
  • Pay for digital tv
  • Access business loans
  • Earn Commissions 

How to earn money on Pesa kit

Every time you do a transaction on pwas kit platform, you will be given a commission. The more transactions you make the more Commissions you'll get.

How to get business loans from Pesa Kit

This feature is coming soon. Users will be able to access loans to continue doing business over the Pesa Kit app.


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