CRB Finally Removes Kenyans From Blacklist


Metropol CRB

All those Kenyans who were blacklisted with the CRB after borrowing loans from unregulated lenders including digital lenders and Credit-Only companies have finally been removed from the blacklist. 

This is an announcement made by one of the three CRBs known as Metropol CRB. Here is the message; 

Good News,!!

Information from unregulated lenders has been removed from your CRB profile. Saa hii wewe ni 

Mweupe kama pamba...

Check your new CRB report.

In April the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) ordered the CRBs to remove borrowers information received from unregulated lenders from the systems. Further the CBK ordered the CRBs to stop doing business with all those unregulated lenders which included loan apps,other digital lenders and Credit-Only microfinance companies. 

Metropol CRB now is advising Kenyans to start checking their Credit Information with the CRBs to confirm if the CBK directive have been effected. 

It looks like many Kenyans will be celebrating when they get this information. CBK data showed that majority if the borrowers blacklisted were customers who defaulted on loans taken from loan apps. 

With this ,over 1 million Kenyans will be clean again now in the white list and will be able to take loans again from the regulated lenders like commercial banks.


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