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What Is CRB Batch Number and How Long Does It Take To Be Removed From CRB Blacklist

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CRB Batch Number

Most of the time ,CRB will ask for a batch number in order to provide a customer with a service like a Clearance Certificate issuance.

But, what is a CRB Batch number? What is a batch number important to the CRB? If you're a borrower and have been asking for this information then this article is for you.

What is a batch number 

The lenders, both commercial banks and non-banks are required to submit daily updates about all borrowers' information to the CRB.

Due to the large number of borrowers accounts, lenders have chosen to send the information to the CRB in groups termed as batches.

Each batch contains information about a group of borrowers (customers) and has a specific number attached to it. This number is now what is called a Batch Number.

Batch Numbers are specific for example a Metropol CRB Batch number will be different from a Transunion CRB or Creditinfo CRB Batch Number.

If a lender listed you with all the three CRBs and now you need to clear your name, the lender will have to give you three batch numbers each for every specific CRB.

Why is a Batch Number Needed by the CRB

A lender will present a batch number to a borrower, which the borrower will then present to the CRB for clearance.

A batch number presented by the borrower will help the CRB to easily locate borrower's account information from the database and work on the clearing from the blacklist.

How Long Does It Take To Be Removed From CRB Blacklist 

Due to the huge number of borrowers accounts being submitted to the CRB in batches,  it can take between 2 and 4 working days before one is completely removed from the CRB blacklist.

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