Okash Introduces Lucky Game For Customers To Win Prizes

Okash has introduced a lucky game that will see lucky customers get awarded lots of prizes.

The digital lender stated that the game will run an available for participation from 22nd September to 26th September 2020.
Okash lucky game

Who Can Participate 

  • Anyone who download Okash app and register 
  • Customers who have applied for loans and got approved 
  • Customers who have fully paid their loan

What are Okash Lucky Game Prizes 

  1. Tecno Smartphone 
  2. Ksh 600 and ksh 800 loan limit increase coupon 
  3. Ksh 100 bonus 
  4. Ksh 100 discount coupon 

How To Get the Okash Rewards 

  • Tecno Smartphone winner will be called for verification and gadget delivery 
  • Loan limit increase coupon will be added to the winner account 
  • Discount coupon will be added to winner account for use.
Okash Lucky game


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