How To Opt Out Of Mshwari Or KCBMPesa

KCBMPesa and Mshwari

How can I opt out of Mshwari or KCBMPesa? How can I deactivate my Mshwari or KCBMPesa account?How can I close My Mshwari or KCBMPesa account?

If you are asking yourself any of the above questions, this post is exactly for you. Just continue reading.

How Can One Deactivate Mshwari Or KCBMPesa Account 

For any reason a customer can feel like it's time to opt out of KCBMPesa or Mshwari services.

While Mshwari is by NCBA Bank  and KCBMPesa by KCB Bank they are both offered in partnership with Safaricom Mpesa as mobile loans.

According to Safaricom, it is not possible to opt out or deactivate both Mshwari and KCBMPESA. This is because, the two services are incorporated in any Safaricom line (SIM card).

For this reason, if you don't feel comfortable with KCBMPESA or Mshwari, just ignore it but it will still be visible on your SIM card menu.

What can one do if it's not possible to opt out of Mshwari or KCBMPESA? The only option is to close the Mshwari or KCBMPESA account.

How to Close Mshwari Or KCBMPesa Account 

Again for any reason, you can have the the need to close completely your Mshwari or KCBMPESA account.

This possible though and here is how;

  • Visit the Nearest NCBA Bank for Mshwari or KCB Bank for KCBMPesa. 
  • Ask for your account closure 
  • Present your documents including your ID card
  • Get your account closed


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