How to Delete Branch or Tala Loan Account

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So many people asked me ; How can I delete my Tala or Branch loan account? Today I'll provide the answer through this article. Just continue reading.

But why would one want to delete a Tala or Branch loan account? This is what I wanted to know from my blog viewers and some of the reasons were;

  • To avoid temptations of taking an expensive loan - the apps are too expensive. 
  • To avoid repaying loans - which is bad
  • To hide from CRB blacklist - some borrowers thought so.
Back to the topic, this is how you can deactivate your account if you don't need Tala or Branch  International services anymore;

How To Delete Tala Loan Account 

If you don't want get fast mobile loans from Tala anymore, you can simply uninstall the app from your smartphone. 

But before you do that, make sure you've fully repaid all your Tala Loans.

Here is an official answer from Tala on how to delete your Tala account;
Tala delete account

How To Delete Branch International Loan Account 

Again if you're not in need of branch fast and affordable loans anymore, you can send a message via the app to ask for your account closure. 

Always make sure you've fully repaid all your branch loans before asking for your branch account to be closed or deleted. 

Here is an official answer by Branch International on how to delete a branch loan account; 
Branch loan account delete


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