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How Mpesa Is Helping Businesses During COVID-19

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Businesses in Kenya have been benefiting from the move by the Central Bank to increase mobile money transaction limit during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Before Coronavirus, the maximum amount to transact over a mobile money wallet- Mpesa or Airtel money - was capped at ksh 70,000

To encourage Kenyans to do more mobile money transactions and avoid cash during the pandemic the Kenyan government through the Central Bank increased the maximum limit to ksh 300,000 per day. 

Safaricom has announced that over 500,000 businesses have been benefiting by making high value transactions now accommodated in a day after the transaction limit increase.

We are happy that over 500k businesses continue benefitting from being able to transact up to KSh300,000 up from the previous limit of KSh 140,000.
#LetsKeepGoing #SafaricomForYou,  said a Safaricom social media post. 

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