How to Contact Loan Apps - 11 Customer Care Phone numbers

Okash loan app
Okash Loan App

When loan apps started operations in Kenya, most of them never disclosed their mobile or landline customer care numbers. In addition the digital lenders also never revealed their business premises locations.

This was very confusing to the borrowers. I already wrote an article about  why loan apps hide phone numbers and locations .

I remember talking to an American woman, Alexis Beggs , a researcher  who was in the country back in 2016 trying to assess the effectiveness of remote communication applied by the digital lenders.

Alexis contacted me after reading How to Contact Tala from my blog and we had a good talk.

Were you comfortable with the way loan apps were hiding their phone numbers?

Many Kenyans were not comfortable and started complaining, the same reason why the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) wants to regulate the apps.

With regulation on the way, most loan apps have slowly started disclosing their contacts especially phone numbers.

For the purpose of this article,  I'll list the numbers so far disclosed and the respective loan apps. It's still unfortunate though that the most popular, established digital lenders like Tala and Branch are yet to disclose their phone contacts.

Loan App Contacts in Kenya 

  1. Zenka 020 765 0878
  2. Zash 0111 008 008
  3. Okash 020 765 9988
  4. Opesa 020 765 0999
  5. Credit Hela 0110 895 800
  6. Stawika 020 760 6564
  7. Kuwazo 0745 660 345
  8. Kava 0709 880 000
  9. PesaFlash 020 765 1561
  10. Senti 0712517910
  11. Okolea International 0720178775


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