7 Loan Apps Like Tala and Branch Alternatives

Tala and Branch are the oldest digital lenders which pioneered trust based digital lending in the world.

The two mobile loan givers are both companies registered in the United States and are being funded by investors.

Tala gives a maximum of USD 300 to a borrower as loan while Branch can give up to USD 700.

The loan payment period is 30 days for Tala loans but it can go up to one year for Beanch loans.

When these two loan apps began gaining popularity five years ago, some companies came up to give the two some competition. The idea was the same ' trust based loans' with some twist in repayments, interest rates ,new features and loan amounts.

 Which are the Loan Apps Like Tala and Branch International? The Alternatives.

Currently there are over 100 and growing loan apps but for the purpose of this article, I will list the immediate seven (7) loan apps tha followed after Tala and Branch;

7 Loan Apps working Like Tala and Branch 

  1. Saida app 
  2. Haraka app 
  3. Timiza app
  4. HF Whizz app
  5. mKey app 
  6. Stawika app
  7. Zenka app


  1. Tala loan not a good applications not a resolve problem many times mail but not solving problem and not coustmercare no bad bad bad app

  2. Tala and branch are the best others nooo


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