With all these complaints, should we trust our Banks?

Cooperative Bank of Kenya

On 21st July 2020 a woman raised a complaint on twitter  about how her bank was taking too long to investigate and refund money lost from her account.

Here is the tweet or check the whole story here;

7 weeks ago, over Ksh. 300,000 was stolen from my @NCBABankKenya account. I’ve been chasing this up to no avail. Please help me retweet this to get their attention. More info on my IGTV. Will be sharing more on IG stories too.

The bank responded and the issue was solved, which is a good thing.
But it looks like she was just lucky. From the thread, many Kenyans came up with so many similar complaints.  Almost all Kenyan banks were mentioned here.

If what these Kenyans are saying is true, should we trust our banks anymore? Now that the woman got help after involving social media, she we follow the same root to get our issues solved?

Here are screenshots from the same thread on how Kenyans complained about our banks;


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