What is One Equity Number

Equity Bank
Equity Bank launched a very important and special mobile phone number dubbed ' One Equity Number ' that is set to keep off fraudsters.

The number is an Equitel line. Equitel is a subsidiary of Equity Bank Group.

What is One Equity Number?

This is one single number chosen as the only official communication for all Equity Bank outgoing calls to customers.

This means Equity Bank will only call you from this one single number and the number is 0763 000 000.

Due to the increase in fraudsters, there have been people calling Equity Bank customers posing as the bank's employees. This have lead to some customers loosing their money to these fake employees.

Why is One Equty Number Important?

Read this post note from Equity Bank to know why this number is important;

It is now easy to identify a call from Equity Bank!
Whenever we call, we’ll only use one number; 0763 000 000, so you can always be sure it is us calling!

This means it is now possible to differentiate a genuine call from Equity Bank and a call from fraudsters.

One Equity Number will save your money by ignoring fake calls claiming to be from Equity Bank.


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