Why Tala trusts DLAK Code of Conduct


Tala trust that the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (DLAK) Code of Conduct is the best and can be used as a baseline towards regulation.

DLAK which was formed to help in self regulation by the digital lenders in Kenya came up with a Code of Conduct which have been and still governing all member companies.

Digital lenders are about to be regulated by the CBK , and that's why there's need to consider their proposals, which they issued last time.

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It is not only Tala that have trust in the Code of Conduct developed by member lenders. The body have more than 17 member companies including, Branch International, Sotiwa, Kopacent, Kuwazo, Shika, Zenka, Okolea International among others who are at peace being guided by the code.

Tala being the most popular and pioneer of trust based loans ,has taken time today to remind the public of what are some of the contents the code has.

Here is a thread as shared by the loan app on Twitter;

Get to know the philosophy and commitments of the DLAK Code of Conduct. 
-Treating customers, employees & business partners well
-Upholding good business ethics with respect to competition
-Ensuring loans are safe, transparent & convenient
-Providing clarity around your loan and repayment processes
-Promoting financial education and responsible borrowing
-Delivering an innovative customer experience


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