Tala shares 4 'magical' tricks to win back your customers


Most businesses lost their customers because of the Coronavirus pandemic but it's time to now slowly come back to business.

Tala already announced to be going back to business and it's very encouraging to see the best loan app back.

In the same spirit ,Tala as a responsible company on Monday shared some of the ways other businesses can follow to atleast win back their long time customers.

And this is what you can do (the 4 tricks that work like magic) to win your customers back to your business amid COVID-19 pandemic;

1. Be Understanding 

You lost a lot of profits but understand that hiking prices to recover that will not be pleasant to tour customers. Just understand and start the normal way with affordable prices.

2.Stock up What's Needed 

You know what your customers need or what's in demand for your customers. Stock exactly that.

3. Offer Discounts 

The economic times are hard. Everyone wants to spend less to save for any unforeseen problems like COVID-19.  Earn small profits by offering discounted prices. This will attract your customers to tour business again.

4. Adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines 

Implementing COVID-19 safety measures will give your customers confidence to approach your business premises. Install handwashing equipments, sanitizers, wear masks and encourage people to keep social distance.

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