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Safaricom warns of Fraudsters ; This is how to report them

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Safaricom PLC

Safaricom has warned of some people posing as the telco staff by calling customers.

The fraudsters usually call customers and ask for security information for example PIN, passwords and ID numbers after which the fraudsters still from them.

The telco has reminded customers and the general public that Safaricom will only call from their unique phone number 0722 000 000.

As a Safaricom subscriber, I received a message concerning this and on how to report such calls.

Always report those numbers from callers posing as Safaricom employees through SMS to 333.

Here is the telco message I received;

Mteja, Usigongwe! Safaricom hupiga simu tu kupitia 0722000000. Nambari zingine zinazodai kuwa Safaricom ni bandia. Ripoti nambari hizo kupitia SMS kwa 333

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