Oakam App 🇬🇧 - How to Download and Apply for Loans, Contacts

Oakam Loans app

Oakam App is a quick mobile money lender in the United Kingdom (UK) providing loans to smartphone users.

How to Apply for Oakam Loans,

To get loans from this lender,you will need to download Oakam App from Google play store, create your account and then apply for the presented loan facilities provided to you.

Oakam Loans.

A very qualified borrower can get up to £5000 after application within less than 10 minutes.

The minimum amount one can borrow is £100.

Oakam loans are available to all even those people with a bad credit score.

Oakam Loan Rpayment.

When the time to repay the loan arrives, a borrower will get notified. Repayment is done from with the Oakam app and it's easy and fast.

As a borrower you always have the opportunity to choose the loan term.

There are no late repayment fees however, borrowers are encouraged to pay early because there are rewards for early repayments.

Oakam Contacts 

You can call Oakam Customer care help on phone number;
 +44 20 3911 1777
Oakam Offices are located at ;

Moray House, 23-31 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7PA London, UK
Oakam loans app


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