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I&M Bank, Samll World Partner to Help Those In Diaspora

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I&M Bank

I&M Bank partnered with Smal World in a move to help those in the diaspora to send funds home efficiently.

Through the diaspora banking department, I&M Bank  has made it possible to individuals in the diaspora ,either family members or business associates do business home like they never left.

With this partnership, I&M diaspora customers will get the following benefits;

By using Small World, you will enjoy:
• Competitive exchange rates
• Faster remittance as compared to TT (Telegraphic Transfers)
• Cost-effective way to transer funds to Mpesa, Accounts within I&M Bank and other Banks
• Convenient and safe way to remit funds.

To start using Small world as a person in the diaspora,  kindly follow the instructions given below;

For more information, contact Diaspora Banking on


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