How To Update Mpesa Menu and Enjoy Latest Features

Safaricom will automatically do an update to all accounts after an Mpesa upgrade or maintenance but it can happen that the updated menu fails to reach your mobile phone.

If you're using a brand new mobile phone or an old version of a Safaricom SIM card a failed Mpesa menu update can happen.

So, what can one do to use the latest Mpesa features released by Safaricom after every update ? You'll need to update your Mpesa menu.

You can update your Mpesa menu by calling 100 and Safaricom helpdesk will assist but you can asa well do the update yourself from your mobile phone.

Steps to Update Your Mpesa Menu
1. Go to SIM Toolkit and select Mpesa
2. Select My Account
3. Select Update Customer Menu
4. Enter Mpesa PIN
5. Select OK on the pop up
6. Safaricom will then receive your request and send a reply, like this below;
7. Select OK and then go back to your Mpesa Menu. It should now be up to date.

This way you'll now be able to use the latest features that can be found on Mpesa. It is advisable to once in a while update your Mpesa menu.

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