How To Earn Free Money with Zenka Loan App

Zenka loan app Kenya
Zenka is one of the most trusted and popular loan apps in Kenya giving fast and affordable mobile loans through Mpesa.

The lender can give up to ksh 50,000 to a single qualified borrower as loan.

But how can one earn free cash with Zenka App? Its simple ! Just invite your friends and family members to download Zenka loan app, register , apply for loans and repay the loans.

For every person you invite, takes a loan and repays the loan , you'll receive ksh 200 free money. Let's say for example you invite 100 people, that's a cool ksh 20,000 free money.

Most digital lenders have this service too but its different here at Zenka. Unlike most of the apps including Tala and Branch International where you only redeem earned money after taking a loan ,you'll get your money directly to your Mpesa after inviting people to use Zenka.

To get started earning money from this digital lender, kindly check the Zenka app now.

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