How to Contact Zash Loan (Formerly KopaKash) App Customer Care

Zash loan app

Zash is a mobile money lender that provides fast loans through Mpesa via an app.

This digital lender gives loans ranging from ksh 500 to ksh 50,000 to qualified borrowers. The loan repayment period is one month (30 days).

If you're a customer and you need help or a prospective customer and you need more information about this lender, then you need Zash Contacts.

Download Zash Loan app and Apply for Loans

Previously, most digital lenders used to hide their phone numbers and locations but now, things are changing.

Zash Phone numbers 

You can now reach out to Zash customer  care desk by calling the mobile phone number 0111 008 008.

You can also WhatsApp zash help desk on 0732896849

Check Zash on Facebook (


  1. Hey there, I kindly mind yourself don't involve me in this story of someone borrowing from your money and you start sending me messages to request him to pay on behalf. I wasn't there when he borrowed neither was I consulted when he borrowed. Again I can go to court and demand your apology and payment for scamming in my phone book without authority. Call the person you gave out your money don't involve me at all.

    1. You are incredibly a well sounded guy (UNKNOWN 16:19). This is the MOST stupid of all Apps I have ever known. I would even form a blog we unite take all available money and forfeit paying until I see the collapse of this FinTECHs in Kenya. Sighting from high interests and taking advantage of the desperate Kenyan Especially ZASH!

  2. Stop messing my pple that they help me pay your money, which money?? I applied for it and u never gave me. U pole said that am not eligible, why sent texts?? Stop this nonsense.

  3. Stop sending me suchHello, our client named ROBINSON OMWERI Phone No.0721219927 OR 0707288878 Listed You While Obtaining A Loan With ZashLoan, Kindly ask him/her To clear the balance NOW. Paybill Number : 733555.I wasn't a guarantor in this time you send I will take legal actions against you

  4. Who gave you the permission to share my ID and full names to the public? You think everyone isn't aware of their rights. I have to make sure you go down because of 6k. I have to sue this company. You have to pay me for invading my privacy.

  5. Let me spend all the money I have and pay a lawyer but I have to make sure you go down. Did I give you permision to share my ID number and Full names to the public?

  6. You borrow today and after 2 days you are being called as you stole from bank. You apply loan of 2000, you are given 1500 . Are you sure you have financial skills.


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