How to Contact KashWay Loan App - Mobile Phone Numbers

KashWay loan app

KashWay app is a mobile money lender operating currently in Kenya and gives loans via Mpesa.

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This lender's loans range between ksh 500 and ksh 50,000 repayable after between 1 month and 1 year.

KashWay charges up to 25 per cent interest rate on its loans ,so before applying for a facility always confirmed how much is the fee.

How can one Contact KashWay customer care?

There are various reasons that can make a customer or a prospective customer to contact KashWay.

Prospective customers can for example call KashWay phone numbers to ask for clarifications before they proceed to take loans.

Existing customers also can Contact KashWay to ask for help for example if payment doesn't reflect in their account, if loans are not reaching their Mpesa account, if they overpaid loans, if they need a batch number and so many other reasons.

Here are the Contacts you can reach out to KashWay;
Visit Chania Avenue, Nairobi 51191

  • KashWay phone number 0748449406
  • Email to ;
  • Facebook; 



  1. Some of your workers associate with conmen to fleece us. On payment of debt.

    1. These people are comments how can one pay 3500 to get a loan of 2050 surely a very frastrated customer here

    2. Very frustrating people. I accidentally applied for a loan of 1500/-. They refused and said I must pay with interest of 800/= within 5 minutes. Total theft.

  2. Kashway I'm giving 48hrs for an apology or will be taking action against you.Why do you call me to ask someone to pay for a loan they took from you when in the first instant you never called me when you have the loan?

  3. Why did I send the hundred shillings so that you loan me and till today I've not received any cash?

  4. Pliz kash I still wait for your 13000 loan approval it is almost 48hours yet you does not talk to me?

    1. Am a frustrated client already....did they send you the mone


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