CBK warns Old Generation Ksh 1000 Banknotes not Legal Tender

CBK Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge
CBK Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge 

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has today reminded and warned Kenyans that the ksh 1000 banknotes are no longer legal tender.

This followed after the Banks Regulator was explaining to Kenyans on how and where they can exchange Mutilated and Damaged banknotes for new ones.

In all this, remember that the older generation KSh 1,000 banknotes are NOT legal tender, and cannot be exchanged under any circumstances.-- CBK tweet


The ksh 1000 banknotes ceased being legal tender since 1st October in 2019. All the other old generation kenyan currency banknotes and coins are still legal tender.

The Central Bank launched the new generation banknotes back in june 2019 as a requirement described in the Kenyan 2010 constitution.

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