34 Important GTBank 🇳🇬 Short Codes For Nigerians

GTBANK Nigeria

Guarantly Trust Bank (GTBank) is one of the well known commercial banks operating in Nigeria and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

As one of the banks fast moving into the digital era ,GTBank have a long list of USSD codes that a customer can dial to easily and fast access the lender's services.

The mobile short codes are even more important now that Coronavirus is forcing people to stay indoors and only walk out occasionally.

This list is not exhausted, but carry the most important and frequently used GTBank codes;

1. Code Used For Account Opening: Just dial *737*0#;

2. Code Used For Airtime (self top-up): simply dial *737*Amount#. Example *737*1000#. Make sure it is the same number you used in receiving alert.

3. Code Used For Airtime (3rd party): Dial *737*Amount*PhoneNo#.

4. Code used for Transfers (GTBank): Simply dial *737*1*Amount*Nuban#.

5. Code used for Transfers (other bank): Just dial *737*2*Amount*Nuban#.

6. Code used for Cardless Withdrawal: *737*3*Amount#.

7. Code for Fast Track Deposit: Dial *737*48*Amount*Nuban#.

8. Code for Prepaid Data Account: *737*4#.

9. Code for account balance: *737*6*1#.

10. Code used for loan balance: *737*6*2#.

11. Code used to check card status: *737*6*3#.

12. Code used to Generate OTP: *737*7#.

13. Code used for airtime advance: *737*8*1#.

14. Code used for 737 give: Simply dial *737*32*Amount*Church Code#.

15. Code used for 737 checkout: Dial *737*35*Amount Merchant Code#.

16. For Startimes subscription, code is: *737*37*Amount*SmartcardNo#.

17. For Swift Network Subscription, code is: *737*50*Amount*4#.

18. For Quick Credit, use this code: *737*51*51#.

19. For GOTV Subscription, use this code: *737*IUC#.

20. For DSTV Subscription, use this code: *737*SMART CARD NO#.

21. For LCC Toll, use this code: *737*50*Amount*108#.

22. For 737 Fast Track Deposit, use this code: *737*48*Amount*Account Number#.

23. For SKS Standing Instruction: Simply dial *737*52*AMOUNT*26#.

24. Code for GTrescue: *737*3*Amount#.

25. For 737 cashout Service (TOTAL): Dial *737*50*Amount*50#.

26. To Create a Transaction Pin: Dial *737*5#.

27. Code used for Mini Statement: *737*51*30#.

28. For Reference Confirmation: *737*51*54#.

29. For PayDay Loan: *737*52*40#.

30. For School Fees Advance: Dial *737*52*3#.

32. Code used for USSD BlackList: *737*51*66#.

33. Code used for Fashion Loans: *737*51*52#.

34. Code used for Card Hotlist: *737*51*10#.

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