Tala shares 3 Useful Tips on How To Make the Most out of Loans


You can take a loan for any reason especially from the hundreds of loan apps available now in the country.

Conventional lenders might insist on knowing the exact use you'll put the money borrowed to. But as for digital lenders, you choose what you'll do with the loan.

Many borrowers take loans for emergencies like hospital bills, rent, shopping, fuel or transport while a few take loans to start or grow their businesses or attain a new skill.

Tala, one of the best loan apps in the country has some tips which will lead you to making the best use of your loan and even make the best out of the loan.

1.Always have a specific goal.

To avoid using the loan to do unnecessary things, always have a specific goal before taking a loan.

2.Use your loan for growth 

Take a loan that will change you for better. Take yourself to college and earn a skill or investment in your business and earn profits.

3.Avoid unnecessary fees

Most lenders charge late fees .Create a way to remind yourself of the loan repayment date.


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