Tala says Rebuild Fund helped Borrowers get more Income


Tala has reported that the newly launched Rebuild Fund has already made a positive impact as intended to the borrowers.

Rebuild Fund is Tala's longterm loan facility which is charged 0 percent interest rate repayable after 6 months.

According to Tala, the initial beneficiaries have reported earning increased incomes from their businesses despite COVID-19 still ravaging the world economy.

Through a blog post, the digital lender said up to 62 percent of borrowers reported an increase in earnings from their businesses.

The Rebuild Fund helped entrepreneurs grow their income. 62% reported earning higher incomes after receiving their Community Support loan. The majority were also able to serve more customers. Zero businesses in Kenya closed after receiving a Community Support Loan. 
Due to this special loan facility that the lender granted to some individuals doing supporting businesses in their communities, none of the loan beneficiaries closed their businesses.


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