Safaricom shares big secret on how to save data bundles


For long subscribers have been complaining of how fast their Safaricom data bundles get depleted.

Many thought the telco and its staff both do some sort of stealing activities behind the subscribers back.

After a series of system maintenance by the telco, we started receiving some transparency messages in any activity we do with Safaricom.

Whenever your top up airtime, you'll get a message with some advice added, which is good and its how I got the secret about data saving.

Your apps is what is eating your data. Yes! This is what happens; whenever you buy new data bundles after the previous got depleted, all apps in your smartphone phone update automatically consuming most if not all of the purchased bundles.

How to save data bundles

I haven't shared the message  igit from Safaricom yet but I think this is the right time because the message carries the answer to this question.

Did you know you can save data usage by turning off automatic updates from your settings?

There you go. You now have the answer. Just go to your phone settings and disable automatic updates and see your data bundles consumption slow down.


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