Why Your Tala Loan Limit is Zero

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Do you know why is your Tala Loan Limit zero? In this article  will tell you all the possible reasons why your credit limit is nil.

Tala is the pioneer of mobile money lending through apps in Kenya previously known as Mkopo Rahisi.

To secure a loan from Tala mobile, one needs to have an android smartphone which will present the data required to Tala for a lending decision.

Mpesa was and is still the most used mobile money service in Kenya. It was and is still therefore a must to have a registered mpesa wallet to apply for a Tala loan. Approved loans are disbursed to Mpesa accounts.

But why will Tala give an individual with a Safaricom Mpesa account and an android smartphone a zero loan limit?

Tala revealed to be considering alot of data provided by the applicant during registration and also the data stored in your mobile handset. This is why you're advised to keep the app installed always.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why you have a zero Tala loan limit;

  • You presented wrong and misleading personal information during registration. 
  • You provided inferior financial information during registration. 
  • Your mpesa account is less active .
  • If you delete your Mpesa messages and Call logs all the time.
  • If you interact with others less over the phone through calls or messages. 
  • If your phone book is empty 
  • If you're blacklisted by the CRB 
  • If you have many active loans with other apps
  • If you have a poor CRB Credit score 
  • If you're not using your own mobile handset 

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