Here are reasons why Okash Won't Give You Loans

Okash loan app

Okash is a fast mobile money lender providing loans through Mpesa to Kenyans with smartphones.

The lender is one of the popular loan apps operating in the country, with over a million downloads on Google play store.

Okash gives up to ksh 50,000 instantly to the most qualified borrowers. But why is it that some borrowers are denied loans?

In a chat sometimes back before COVID-19 pandemic,  Okash gave me some of the reasons why you can be denied  a loan from the lender;

Before applying for loan check if you have these qualities, if not the app will never give you a loan;

Thank you for choosing OKash.
Kindly confirm if you meet all the below requirements for you to qualify for a loan;
▪︎You should have a fixed income.
▪︎You should be 20-55 years old.
▪︎You should input the correct details when registering on our app which includes the full name and ID number.
▪︎You and your referee should not have any outstanding loans with us or other lenders.
▪︎You and your referee should not have delayed paying any loans with us or other lenders.

If you meet these minimum qualifications, we encourage you to keep trying and your loan will be approved soon.
▪︎You should have a good CRB rating.
Please feel free to contact us on 020 7651530 for further assistance

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