Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Okash raises Loan Limit to sh 70,000

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Okash, a top digital lender in the country has raised the maximum loan limit a customer can qualify for.

The maximum loan amount is ksh 70,000 , a 20,000 increase from the previous ksh 50,000.

The minimum loan limit also was raised to ksh 1,500 from ksh 500 given previously.

This is just one change among many that the lender has taken to serve customers better amid COVID-19 pandemic and post-Covid19.

It is now possible to get a loan and repay after up to 365 days ,that's a year. Previously the repayment duration was only 30 days (1 month) or less.

The mobile loans lender also lowered its APR to a maximum of 36 percent.

Okash is one of the lenders soon to be regulated by the Central Bank if the presented bill becomes law.


Mwabaya Katana

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