M-Shwari - How to Apply for Loans


M-shwari is a mobile credit and banking service offered by NCBA bank in conjunction with Safaricom through M-Pesa.

To start using M-Shwari you must be a Safaricom subscriber. There are two ways to get started with M-shwari;

  • Go to the SIM Toolkit and activate Mshwari from Loans and Savings. 
  • Or download Mysafaricom app ,then activate Mshwari from Loans and Savings. 

M-Shwari Savings 

You can save cash with Mshwari account and earn interest up to 6.65 percent. You can also choose to lock your money in a fixed deposit account and earn big.

M-Shwari Loans

After a period of six months actively using Mpesa and Mshwari accounts, you can qualify for a loan. Mshwari loans range between ksh 100 to ksh 150,000.

Mshwari charges a one time fees of 7.5 per cent as interest on loans approved. 

To check your loan limit, go to Mpesa menu, select Loans and Savings ,then Mshwari and Check limit. 

Mshwari loans mature after 30 days (1 month). When the loan is due, you can pay from Mpesa or from your Mshwari account. 

Mshwari Contacts 

To get help from Mshwari contact NCBA Bank


  1. Hello i paid my mshwari loan last week but untill today not cleared with crb.please help.thank you

  2. Good afternoon. I cleared my outstanding loan balance more than 3 werks ago. I have not been cleared from crb. Please act now and clear within today. Thank you. Andrew Kirimi ID 24688626

  3. Hello am Caren I cleared my outstanding loan balance of sh. 868 last year. i have not been cleared from crb. Please act fairly


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