KashWay called me 200 times! says angered Borrower

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Loan apps have been on the spot for using impolite and harassing ways to collect debts.

This is even one of the reasons why the Central Bank is seeking a way to control the digital lenders through bill amendment.

KashWay is one of the latest loan apps in the Kenyan market that gives fast and affordable loans through Mpesa, but one Mr. Moses is not happy about the way this lender collects debts.

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Moses forwarded a copy of an email he sent to KashWay to express how unhappy he was and even went ahead to give free advice to the lender.

Here is the email;


hi, how are you?

My name is Moses Kuria 0721237465 and my complaint here is total harassment of an outstanding bill of 2,500/- Kenya shillings,

I think it's ridiculous and totally ludacris to receive over 200 endless continuous phone calls to be 1. informed you have a debt to pay today, 2. I'm of sane mind and know i owe a debt that has to be settled today with you or any other banks i may owe yet I have never failed a payment and I don't believe from the app that there is a time meant to pay, but I believe during that day. 

I was willing to pay earlier but the phone calls, treatment and  irritations like somebody who has lapsed in payment I felt no urgency out of anger.

Then I paid at 19:21 the full amount OGO71D27VN Confirmed. Ksh2,500.00 sent to WAKANDA CREDIT LIMITED  for account 0721237365 on 24/7/20 at 7:21 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh63,915.54. Transaction cost, Ksh56.00. Amount you can transact within the day is 297500.00.

and yet till now after 8pm the computer system or whatever your using is still calling me even after I have paid and the app still says I haven't paid which isn't my fault!!

this is harassment and you should only use such crude and crazy methods for people who have lapsed on payments in my honest opinion.

I think you should revise your debt collection methods for paying clients.




  1. They lend me 14 50 expecting me to return 2000after a period of four days. I don't know why their interest is so high. They call me throughout the day, Harrasing me with their abusive language. Just asking is this the way they handle their clients. Maryne.


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