It Is Sometimes a Police Case! Safaricom says Kenyans should stop complaining too much.


There have been alot of complaints by Kenyans all over social media recently accusing Safaricom of doing business wrongly.

Some complain about airtime, bonga points, data bundles and others complain about Mpesa services.

The telecommunications company have been trying to answer if not all but majority of the cases raised on social media.

According to the company not all cases are supposed to be handled by Safaricom.

Sometimes the cases report to the telco are police cases. Customers should involve the police to get help there and have the culprits apprehended.

Here is an example of how Safaricom advised this customer on Facebook;

Rose; Safaricom tangu niibiwe 11850 kwa Mpesa yangu niliwalaani hata sijui kwanini hii simcard yenu😭😭 Yani ur service is poorer. 
Safaricom PLC; Jambo Rose, Pole kwa hyo na tunatumai ulipiga ripoti polisi.^SM


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