This is how Lenders See you with a Low Credit Score

Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) always come up with a score for you depending on how you interact with lenders every day.

The score a CRB gives you is a Credit Score and it is a very crucial number to creditors whenever you want to secure a loan.

For example, Metropol CRB, one of the three licensed Reference Bureaus in Kenya rank borrowers with values ranging from 200 to 900 with the lowest value being poor and the highest value being excellent Credit score.

Through the lender's eyes, a borrower with a high or excellent Credit score is credit worthy and to be trusted while borrowers with a low or poor Credit Score is untrustworthy and risky to deal with.

In this regard it is always advisable to improve on your Credit Score to easily secure loans,

Read ; how to improve your Credit Score .

This is hilarious but worthy sharing . This is the far Metropol CRB went to explain to borrowers how lenders will view them;

New shoe vs old and overused shoe
Metropol CRB


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