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How to Increase Your Zenka Loan Limit

Zenka loan app

Out of the over one hundred loan caps operating in Kenya, Zenka Is one of them and is a bit unique when it comes to providing loan limits.

Zenka gives up to ksh 50,000 instantly through M-Pesa as the highest loan amount to extremely qualified borrowers.

As opposed to many pioneer loan apps including Branch ,Haraka, Saida and Tala, Zenka will ask for an extra item, and this is to the advantage of the borrower to get a precise loan limit.

For many loan apps, all you need is to install the app, create your account and the app will automatically give you a loan limit. This is also possible with Zenka. All loan apps will read what's in your device and come up with a lending decision.

What's the Secret To Getting Increased Zenka Loan Limits

But if you want to get a better and bigger loan limit from Zenka, then here is the secret. Upload your Mpesa Statement. This will increase your previous loan limit to higher amounts.


  1. Areliabe loan app and ,And all about the app is true I just borrowed 5000.

  2. Areliabe loan app and all the app is true I just borrow 2500


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