Get a Boda Motorbike for only sh 300 Daily

It is now possible to get a boda boda motorbike from as low as ksh 300 daily from Mwananchi Credit.

The lender announced this through social media and here is the post;

Tunaelewa leo ni Sunday, siku ya kurelax, kureflect na kuplan. While doing the same, you can still book your RIDE then go on with day uninterrupted. 

Get your BODA today from as low as KES 300/= DAILY. 
By simply dialing - 0709 147 000.
Mwananchi Credit

Mwananchi Credit is one of the popular Credit-Only companies in Kenya providing the quickest loans to both individuals and businesses.

The lender is best known for its faster logbook loans in Kenya.

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