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5 Best Loan Apps For Airtel Users

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Did you know that it is also possible to receive a mobile loan to your Airtel money account?.

For long many have been asking me of this. Which apps can make me get loans via Airtel number? These apps listed below can do exactly that.

Let's all agreed Mpesa is the most popular mobile money wallet in Kenya. But in order to offer variety, these lenders also have an option where a customer can send money directly to their Airtel money wallet.

Here are the loan apps that Airtel telecommunications company subscribers can user and receive money in Airtel money wallet;

  1. Mco-opCash
  2. Vooma
  3. HF Whizz 
  4. PesaPap 
  5. Timiza 
These apps will always ask the customer to choose the mobile wallet you wish to send money to , either Mpesa or Airtel money. 
Choose Airtel money to get your cash disbursed to your wallet. 


Mwabaya Katana

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Mwabaya Katana is a Finance Online Researcher and Writer.He is the founder of 'Loans Kenya' Blog.

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