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10 Best Loan Apps Post COVID-19

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Loan apps in Kenya

Before COVID-19 pandemic, loan apps were reliable lenders in the country with over a million  active customers.

When COVID-19 came, every business was affected and started slowly performing poor and loan apps were never spared.

Let's try and remember. Before 2019 ended there are loan apps Kenyans were praising for doing agood job.

Some apps offered bigger loans,others offered loan top ups and other offered longer repayment periods and it was commendable even the CBK was somehow comfortable with this.

We all highly hope that Coronavirus will go and life will go back to normal. When this happens, then here are the loan apps to check when it comes to looking for quick mobile loans through mpesa post COVID-19;

  1. Tala
  2. Branch International 
  3. Timiza 
  4. Zenka 
  5. Okash
  6. Opesa 
  7. Saida 
  8. Stawi 
  9. Stawika 
  10. Carbon

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