How To Claim M-Pesa Money for Dead relatives


Its unfortunate but it happens. When you loose a relative to death and he or she had cash in his or her M-Pesa account, it will be time for claiming the money.

It is therefore import to choose and update your 'next of kin' details in your M-Pesa account. It is simple and free of charge. Just dial *234#

The next of kin is the legally rightful person to inherit the deceased money in that M-Pesa account. The Next of kin is therefore allowed to claim the cash from Safaricom within two years after which the cash will be submitted to the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA) as required by law.

As the next of kin here are the documents that you will present to Safaricom for you to get the money left by the departed relative ;

For M-PESA accounts having more than Kshs. 30,000
  1. Copy of the Death Certificate
  2. Copy of ID of Next of Kin
  3. Grant of probate; where an M-PESA subscriber dies and has written a will
  4. Letters of Administration; where a person dies without a will.
For M-PESA accounts having less than Kshs. 30,000
  1. Affidavit administered by a Commissioner for Oaths and sworn by the claimant
  2. Death Certificate (Burial permit will NOT be accepted).
  3. Letter from Provincial Administration of the deceased’s area of residence or letters of administration
  4. Next of Kin’s ID and copy to be retained.
However in cases of dispute, the next of kin will be required to provide Letters of administrations or grant of probate. 
Incase you the claimant gets late and you find that the money have already been submitted to UFAA , you'll then have to approach the UFAA for help.
It is possible to claim money from UFAA but they also have their own rules. I'll list the requirements but in another article. 

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