This is why Kenyans complain about Safaricom

Safaricom PLC

Kenyans are making alot of complaints about Safaricom, the largest and best telecommunications network in the country.

The funny part is that no one is leaving the network to other networks totally.

You'll find that, subscribers just try other networks to see if there's anything good there but never last. In fact they never destroy their Safaricom SIM cards even after buying other telco numbers.

Let's be honest, Safaricom is the better option for you. The products are helpful and mostly exactly what drives the Kenyan economy to the next level.

The strongest network all over the country. Both voice and internet is fine and strong as compared to the other telcos.

M-Pesa is on another level. We can't compare this to the other mobile money services.

But why are Kenyans still complaining? There are challenges with being at the top of the game. Criticism is the biggest challenge if you rank higher and this is what Safaricom is facing.

Other reasons why Kenyans complain include, high cost of voice calls and internet data bundles. We all know that "cheap is expensive ." For us to get the best services, Safaricom also invests a lot ,therefore it can't be that cheap.

Safaricom is always the pioneer in anything new related to mobile communication and mobile money. Trying something for the first time can't miss hitches. We just need to understand.

It cannot be perfect but Safaricom is trying and that's why we have new subscribers each and every day.

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