9 Loan Apps too Dormant This COVID-19 Pandemic

Branch International app

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic have hit digital lenders bad but there are some that atleast post something for the public to see and know what's going on.

Tala, Okash, Zash ,Okolea, iPesa, KashWay, Kuwazo, Stawika, Stawi  are some of the digital lenders that have never left customers and the general public wondering what is happening. These apps atleast post something especially on social media.

There are popular loan apps that Kenyans don't feel comfortable at all with their silence during this hard economic time. With a big audience (customers) around a million of them, it is always nice communicating ,even by posting notifications on public.

It is not clear whats happening to the app but customers are truly anxious to know.

Here are some of the popular and trusted loan apps we would all like to hear from especially during this COVID-19 pandemic ;

  1. Branch International 
  2. Zenka loan app
  3. HF Whizz 
  4. Saida
  5. Carbon 
  6. Haraka
  7. Shika
  8. Berry 
  9. Umba 

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