Opesa denies Debt Shaming Loan Defaulters by Calling Borrowers Contacts

Opesa loan app

Opesa is a one of the loan apps providing fast mobile loans to Kenyans with smartphones through M-Pesa.

The micro lender was recently accused of debt shaming borrowers who appear to fail in making loan repayments by calling all contacts in the borrowers mobile phone.

Opesa however denied the claims by saying that the company only calls the reference contact and this only happens when the borrowers is not reachable.

Opesa has identified a recent article in the news ,which contains misleading statements accusing Opesa of social shaming during loan repayment. We want to clarify that during loan repayment, Opesa will exclusively contact the reference number provided by the user during initial registration. This measure is taken only in cases where a borrower becomes unreachable during repayment. This is stated in the terms and conditions of Opesa. For further clarifications, please contact; help@o-pesa.com

Opesa loan app

Together with another loan app known as Okash, the two digital lenders were badly condemned by the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya ((DLAK) to be using rogue ways of loan recovery.

Opesa and Okash are not members of the Digital Lenders Association and are therefore not bound by the association's Code of Conduct which describes how loans should be delivered and collected.


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