Okash Denies Calling all Contacts on Loan Defaulter's phone

Okash Loan app

Okash has denied claims that are made by Kenyans and bloggers that the lender will call all your contacts whenever you as a  borrower fail to repay their loans.

The micro lender has made a clear  statement on social media after seeing posts on some platforms spreading false information that Okash is 'social shaming' its borrowers by calling all numbers the borrower has in his or her mobile phone.

Here is the message as posted by Okash loan app on Facebook;
Okash has identified a recent article in the news ,which contains misleading statements accusing Okash of social shaming during loan repayment, We want to clarify that during loan repayment, Okash will exclusively contact the reference number provided by the user during initial registration. This measure is taken only in cases where a borrower becomes unreachable during repayment. This is stated in the terms and conditions of Okash .For further clarifications please contact: help@o-kash.com

Okash loan app

The loan app has over a million downloads on play store and it's one of the popular digital lenders in kenya that gives up to kes 50,000 instantly.

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