NCBA Closes 14 of its Branches

NCBA has announced closing 14 of its branches outlets located in various areas all over Kenya.

Through a note to the public, the bank wrote;

We will be closing 14 of our branches. We have selected branches in locations where they are co-located or in close proximity to each other. The branches will be merged with the impacted branches ceasing operations with effect from close of business on 4th July 2020

The lender's application to close the branches was approved by the CBK after application. 

Most of the affected branches were closed since 1st April this year and some were merged with the nearest branches as follows; 

Branch to be Merged

Receiving Branch

Village Market, Village Market Mall (Ex-NIC)

Village Market Mall, 1st Floor (Ex-CBA)

Nanyuki, Settlers Stores Building (Ex-CBA)

Cedar Mall, Nanyuki (Ex-NIC)

Machakos, Mbolu Malo Road (Ex-NIC)

Mbolu Malo Road, Machakos (Ex-CBA)

Harbour Hse, Moi Avenue, Mombasa (Ex-NIC)

Commercial Bank Building, Moi Avenue Mombasa (Ex-CBA)

Thika, Thika Arcade (Ex-NIC)

Uhuru Street, Thika (Ex-CBA)

CPA, CPA Center, Thika Road (Ex-NIC)

Garden City Mall, 2nd Floor, Thika Road (Ex-CBA)

KMA, KMA Center, Upper Hill (Ex-NIC)

NCBA Center Branch, Upper Hill (Ex-CBA)

Hilton Agency, Hilton Hotel, Watalii Street (Ex-CBA)

Mama Ngina Branch (Ex-CBA)

Diani Branch, Watatu Developments Ltd (Ex-CBA)

Kokkos Center, Diani(Ex-NIC)

Galleria Mall (Ex-NIC)

Galleria Mall, 1st Floor (Ex-CBA)

Eldoret, Zion Mall (Ex-NIC)

Zion Mall, Ground Floor (Ex-CBA)

Meru, Union Place Management Limited (Ex-CBA)

Njuri Ncheke Street, Meru (Ex-NIC)

Changamwe, Airport Center, Mombasa (Ex-NIC)

Changamwe, Airport Center, Ground Floor, Mombasa (Ex-CBA)

TRM, Thika Road Mall (Ex-CBA)

Thika Road Mall, 2nd Floor (Ex-NIC)

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